Monsoon is the season, when people are more prone to different types of new illnesses. Also the existing illnesses may become aggravated. The most common diseases are infections. The aggravating conditions are mostly degenerative diseases and neurological issues. What could be the reason for this pro-illness nature of monsoon?

Monsoon is the season which follows summer in Kerala and in India. The summer & monsoon (greeshma&varsha) are the two ritus (seasons) during which the normal strength of the human body and the immune system is at the lowest level. In summer, the body strength, otherwise called the resistance power or the immunity starts to decrease gradually and by the end of summer the immunity of the body will be the minimum and is most susceptible for infections. When the season changes and the monsoon begins, the environmental factors (rain, water logging, waste decay, vector increase etc.) favour the growth and transport of the infectious agents like bacteria & viruses and will end up with the seasonal epidemic outbreaks.

The degenerative conditions and neurological conditions(mostly due to Vatadoshas) will get more power due to the vitiation of vataby the seasonal influence. The affected will have increased pain, numbness and decreased mobility.

Preventive measures in Monsoon

In monsoon (varsha), the human body gradually tries to regain the resistance power that has lost in summer (greeshma). The body itself will try to eliminate the metabolic wastes or toxins accumulated in the tissue level and clean the system. But self detoxification will not be that much effective in most of the individuals due to the fact that, the body system will have overloaded toxins and poor efficiency due to the wrong lifestyle and habits. Sothe body needsassistance for this detoxification. Moreover like any non-stopping machine, periodical service and maintenance is essential for the human body.Ayurveda has a unique, very useful and effective way of detoxification of human body. This therapeutically assisted detoxification is achieved by five elimination methods, otherwise called Panchakarma.

Panchakarma for detoxification in monsoon

Panchakarmas are five methods of therapeutically assisted detoxification processes of Ayurveda using natural routes of elimination. These are Vamana (vomiting), Virechana (Purgation), Nasya (Cleansing through nostrils), SnehaVasthi (Therapeutic Oil enema) and KashayaVasthi (Therapeutic herbal decoction enema). For effective detoxification, Panchakarma should only be carried out under medical supervision and also with strict dietary and activity regimen.

Duration of Panchakarma in Monsoon

Before the main karmas or therapeutic elimination, the body should be made ready for the same. This is the preparatory phase. The duration of the preparation period varies and depends on the toxin accumulation in the body. This analysis and assessment is made by the Physician. Generally, the duration for an effective detox panchakarma varies between 14-28 days.

"The Special Detoxification Treatment Package for Monsoon are based on the clinical assessment made by the Physician after proper evaluation of the condition. Only after the package selection, rates can be finalised."

Programme Dates Course Duration Cost in INR
Mansoon Special Wellness Ayurveda 15th may to 15th August 08 Days 40000
15 days 70000
21 Days 90000
28 Days 130000



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