Ageing is an inevitable part of life. It leads to physical and mental changes in a human being including lack of energy, vitality, reduced skin lustre and tone. Ageing also causes cosmetic as well as sexual issues which in turn affects the confidence level of persons and lead to social and family problems.

Degeneration of bones and joints along with hormonal changes lead to many issues like arthritis, joint pain, skin diseases, neurological and lifestyle disorders like Diabetes, Blood pressure and heart diseases. All these together with psychological depression and anxiety or fear of falling ill make the life miserable in old age. In women especially after late forties, because of menopause these issues become severe in nature and likely to fall sick with uterine and breast cancers. Men have a tendency to develop prostate enlargement and sometimes cancer.

Ayurveda explains about predisposing signs which start developing at forties that can indicate clear signals regarding future course of ones later life. But mostly due to ignorance and busy nature of our life most of such small signs get unnoticed. These symptoms develop sometimes months and years before the actual disease appears in one’s body. If we can identify these symptoms and take precautionary steps to clear them in the early stages, many of the chronic diseases that trouble us in the old age can be prevented.

Few examples of predisposing signs of certain chronic disorders explained in Ayurveda:

Disease condition

Predisposing signs


Over sweating, foul smell of sweat, unnatural weight gain

Osteo arthritis

Cracking sound in the joints, frequent muscle cramps, morning stiffness

Piles and Anal fistula

Constipation, acidity and heaviness of stomach

Spondylosis and Disc prolapse

Lower back stiffness, mild back pain on standing or sitting for longer period

If these symptoms at the early stage are treated with Ayurvedic detox treatment called PANCHAKARMA, such chronic issues can be prevented and better quality of life can be expected in the old age.

Chaithanya Ayurvedic rejuvenation program revitalises body, mind and spirit. It helps to improve immune system and protects body from degeneration and premature ageing. It increases Skin tone and lustre and brings back youth and vitality.


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