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+91 9497743699

About Us

Chaithanya Ayurveda is team of qualified Ayurveda doctors and professionals experienced in the field of teaching, practicing and propagating Ayurveda.

Kerala is the hub of genuine, classical, traditional and scientific Ayurveda and is renowned for the pleasant warm climate that helps in the maintenance of natural health. Chaithanya Ayurveda is located at Ranny, the most beautiful villege near the banks of holy river Pamba in Kerala.


Treatments are available for

Osteo Arthritis

Osteo arthritis of knee is a degenerative condition of the knee joint ( wear and tear arthritis)affecting either a single joint or both. Mostly seen in aged, especially in women after menopause.  Read More

Ligament & Tendon Injuries

Injuries happening to the soft tissue are very common and long lasting. The damage to the ligaments & tendons include tear or rupture which may be partial or complete. Read More

Neuro-Muscular Diseases

Neuro Muscular Diseases are the diseases that causes functional impairment of muscles due to neurological issues.  Read More

Lumbar Spondylosis (Low Back Pain)

Lumbar spondylosis is the degenerative arthritis or osteo arthritis of the Spine Diseases. Read More

Obesity & Over Weight

Obesity is another major health concern in this era. It is excessive accumulation of body fat resulting severe health problems.  Read More

Lifestyle Disease

These are group of health issues arising out of irregular life style including improper diet, lack of exercise and lack of proper rest.  ReadMore 

Chaithanya Health Care

Our health care programmes for well being.

Detox & Recharge your body & mind with the healing power of Ayurveda & Yoga.
The Unique Detoxification in Ayurveda for deep cleansing & detoxifying your body.
Most safe, effective and natural treatments using herbal medicine for natural healing.
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