Ayurveda Panchakarma to Detox

Toxins are problem creators. It makes everything polluted. It hampers with normal functioning. Toxins inhibit growth and development. Toxins affect healthy environment.

Keeping clean will improve the performance and quality. The same principle is applicable for everything in nature. To maintain health we need to keep our body and mind clean.

There are impurities that pollute our body and make us sick. How it happens? Human body is a biological factory with multiple systems that work without any interruption. There are different systems in the body that works to keep as alive and help us to grow. During this process, body receives input from the food and activities, which influences the body functions.

Every metabolic process in the human body results in the production of some good useful things, which we call nutrients for the body and hair and at the same time some waste materials. The nutrients are normally to be absorbed and the waste to be eliminated. These wastes if accumulated in the body can impair the normal functioning of the body leading to the development of disease pathology. Then these waste is called toxins that pollutes the human body systems.

The human body is the perfect machine. It is equipped to keep the system clean and perfect. In normal circumstances this cleansing process is carried out by the excretory system, using the four way mechanism. These are stool, urine, sweat and breath. This cleanses the system very effectively and regularly. But at some point of time, due to multiple factors, including erratic lifestyle (food, activities , habits, sleep, environmental pollution and many more) the body fails to perform these cleansing process effectively. This leads to the accumulation of toxins deep into the tissue thereby causing the beginning of chronic disease pathology. This will reflect as lifestyle diseases many years later.

So we can’t rely solely on our cleansing mechanism to eliminate these toxins to prevent from these diseases. What we can do? Who can offer help in this regard? How we can keep the body clean and pure without complications? Is there any natural method available for the detox?

Ayurveda has the answer. Ayurveda has a unique treatment method to promote and protect health. These are based on the principle of purification. In a sick person this purification will help to cure and in healthy person it prevents the occurrence of the illness. This cleansing is not done by using an external instrument or medical equipment. These are done by the body itself through the natural orifices. The role of Ayurveda is to support, assist and facilitate the cleansing. There are 05 methods involved in this cleansing process. The selection of each one is based on the need and nature of toxin. This five-fold purification process is known as Panchakarma.

Panchakarma is a scientifically designed procedure to assist the body to eliminate even the minutest toxin element from the deep tissue. This is done under the supervision of an ayurvedic physician. The person undergoing Panchakarma treatment will be evaluated and monitored daily for the physical changes happening. The duration of the Panchakarma varies from 03-04 weeks. This variation depends upon the person’s health status. During this period there will be external therapies and internal medicines. The Panchakarma will be followed by rasayana therapy, which is nothing but rejuvenation treatments. This Panchakarma detox can be undergone by both healthy and the sick.

Panchakarma is not a one-time treatment. It is recommended to do this detox cleansing annually to prevent and promote health. This a special gift of Ayurveda to this world. Explore the magical healing power of Ayurveda.


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