Detox for Thridosha Balance


According to ayurveda the ailments or diseases can be divided into two categories according to their mode of occurrence.

1) Diseases caused due to imbalance of body constituents.

2) Diseases resulted from the influence or impact of external factors like trauma, toxins, infections etc.

In first type the imbalance of thridhosas occur first and manifest the disease. In second type there is external factor’s impact, resulting in a body condition, which eventually leads to deranged thridhosha

However in both types of diseases, the treatment is correction of  derranged doshas. This can be done in two ways. One is samana therapy (treating with internal medicine to pacify the deranged dhoshas) and other is shodhana therapy (treating by expelling the vitiated dhoshas which have toxic effect on the body i.e. detox). Selection of the treatment is based on the various factors like severity of dosha imbalance, duration of the disease, association of environmental factors, other doshas, dhathus etc.

Of these two types of treatment Shodhana therapy is considered as the best. It helps to clean up the body system from accumulated metabolic wastes and water retention. It rejuvenates the physiological systems and help them to perform well. This detox treatment also help to eliminate the disease causing dosha vitiation to a greater extent Thus impart good physical and mental health for a happy life.


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