Panchakarma Detox Treatment

The Detoxification procedure in Ayurveda is known as PANCHAKARMA. It has two stages;

Poorva Karma – Preparatory Panchakarma Procedures

Poorva karma is of two types. The first stage is Snehana – the Oleation therapy where medicated ghee is administered internally for a period of 3-7 days depending on the patient’s condition. This is followed by external application of therapeutic oils all over the body by massage. By these procedures toxins that are deeply situated in the tissues gets displaced.

Sudation is the second stage where the body is heated by different methods by which the displaced toxins move through different channels and reaches the alimentary canal. The Detox proper is followed after that and the toxins are removed from body through various outlets.

Pancha Karma – Detox Proper Treatment

Panchakarma is the five fold therapeutic cleansing process of eliminating the metabolic wastes accumulated due to our daily wear and tear, both physical and mental. The elimination process is done naturally by preparing the body itself to do the same. The person undergoing these treatments should follow strict dietary and activity regime. After taking specially prepared medicines for 5-7 days followed by sudation for 1-3 days, the Panchakarma is performed. These cleansing techniques are proved to have anti-oxidant properties.

Following are some of the major Pancha Karma practised by Chaithanya Ayurveda

 Vamanam – the medically assisted controlled vomiting is the elimination of kapha predominant doshas or toxins by vomiting. Mainly helpful in the management of respiratory diseases and skin disorders.

 Virechana- controlled purgation by internal medicines. Useful in Pitta Dosha elimination. Preparation of the person undergoing Virechana is also important. Used widely in the treatment of skin diseases, eczema, Sciatica also.

 Therapeutic enemas form an important part of Panchakarma. These are used in Vata diseases and are a real nourishment for the spinal nerves and Para spinal soft tissues plexus. These are done together for maximum benefits. Usually done as 8, 15 & 30 day programmes. Strictly done under medical supervision and by taking aseptic and hygienic measures.

 Administration of medicines through nostrils. Effective in the treatment of Cerebro vascular attacks, migraine, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis. Helps to maintain voice clarity, prevents hair fall, prevents degeneration of cervical spine, treatments are in kerala.

 Bloodletting is another method of detoxification. Blood impurity is caused by metabolic waste accumulation in the tissues and also due to obstruction to its smooth flow. This causes collection of blood in the affected areas. Bloodletting is done by natural methods (leeching- Jaluka) or by Cannulas. Effective in the management of non-healing ulcers, certain types of eczemas

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 Chaithanya Ayurvedic Detox Program removes accumulated toxins from the deep tissues and corrects metabolism. By Detoxing, cells receive fresh oxygen and nourishment thus by optimises functions of vital organs. Herbal decoctions and medicines consumed during the course of PanchaKarma remove free radicals and work as anti-oxidants.

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