Ayurveda For Detox

Ayurveda For Detox

Ayurveda science of life, since the time immemorial  teaches and give directions about the dos and don’t for a healthy life. Human body being a part of nature is made up of panchabhootas or Five basic elements .These five basic elements constitute Three doshas namely VATA PITTA AND KAPHA, to manage the functions, maintenance and well being of the body. This three doshas in equilibrium keeps the body and mind in good health. Unhealthy food habits, improper daily routine,stress,use of alcohol, and other toxins affect the equilibrium of these dhoshas. Which eventually result in diseases. So in order to prevent the body from disease we have to maintain the equilibrium of these dhoshas in our body. Ayurveda is the science which help the human body to maintain homeostasis by eliminating the toxins and correct the derranged dhoshas.Detoxification means clearing out the factors which affects the equilibrium of dhoshas. Panchakarma therapy is specially designed to reduce stress and to detox .Thus imparting healthy body and mind.



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