Panchakarma to Rejuvenate

“Panchakarma” is the most popular detoxification procedure of “Ayurveda”, reestablishing youth with the assistance of sedated oils. This exceptional treatment of cured oil back rub and home grown cures was endorsed in antiquated Vedic sacred writing, and has been polished in Kerala for a long time, as per the immense works of the “Charaka Samhita”. Panchakarma and Shirodhara are the main treatments in Indian Ayurveda; considering the level of transformative detoxification they give, it isn’t hard to comprehend why. Panchakarma incorporates five characteristic techniques for purgation or disposal, giving the body a seriously detoxifying the body, while adjusting the three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Poorva Karma

Poorva karma (Preparatory Procedure) is of two types. The first stage is Snehana – the Oleation therapy where medicated ghee is administered internally for a period of 3-7 days depending on the patient’s condition. This is followed by external application of therapeutic oils all over the body by massage. By these procedures toxins that are deeply situated in the tissues gets displaced. Sudation is the second stage where the body is heated by different methods by which the displaced toxins move through different channels and reaches the alimentary canal. The Detox proper is followed after that and the toxins are removed from body through various outlets.

Pancha Karma

Panchakarma is the five fold therapeutic cleansing process of eliminating the metabolic wastes accumulated due to our daily wear and tear, both physical and mental. The elimination process is done naturally by preparing the body itself to do the same. The person undergoing these treatments should follow strict dietary and activity regime. After taking specially prepared medicines for 5-7 days followed by sudation for 1-3 days, the Panchakarma is performed. These cleansing techniques are proved to have anti-oxidant properties.

Duration : 21-28 days

Minimum duration required for Panchakarma Programme is 21 days. This may be extended in some people for upto 28 days. The duration of the treatment depends on how the body respond to the medicines and preparatory procedures.