Orthopedic Disease Treatment

Orthopedic Diseases

Following diseases can be treated and managed at Chaithanya ayurveda

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Gouty Arthritis - (Paittika vata sonitha )

Gouty is a type of arthritis characterised by pain and swelling of almost all joints especially the big toe. Uric acid level in blood will be elevated. Mostly seen in women. Proper Ayurvedic treatment with special dietary regimen can manage the condition very well.

Osteo Arthritis (Sandhigata Vata) of Knee

Osteo arthritis of knee is a degenerative condition of the knee joint affecting either a single joint or both. Mostly seen in aged, especially in women after menopause. Overweight, injuries of knee joint and certain diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic fever, gout will cause early degeneration leading to Osteo arthritis. Ayurveda has very good treatment in the prevention & cure of osteo arthritis affecting knee.

Frozen shoulder/ Peri arthritis of shoulder (Amsa sandhi soolam)

Peri Arthritis of Shoulder/Adhesive Capsulitis/ Frozen shoulder is an inflammatory pathology affecting the shoulder joint causing pain and movement restriction. Diabetes and other illness causing joint degeneration trigger the condition.

Recurrent dislocation of joints

Recurrent dislocation of joint is a common orthopaedic condition affecting the shoulder joint. The reason for this is the defective shoulder joint or joint injuries leading to permanent damage to the joints & instability. Ayurveda treatments are the best remedy for the recurrent joint dislocations and offer maximum stability for the joints.

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